Bleach AMV Linkin Park New Divide (New Movie)


This has bad ass high quality video clips i just love that they are so clear and perfect i really hope you like the video it has all new clips from bleach and new espada stuff in it so it is amazing i hope you all like it a lot.. 🙂 I used a lot of different clips like i used bleach game intros those were really amazing stuff and i used to movies of bleach no episodes only movies and game trailers. 🙂 Ichgio vs Aizen vs grimmjow vs ulquiorra vs tousen vs kenpachi vs Gin vs yammy vs Nel vs Nnorita vs byakuya vs renji vs evil rukia vs toshiro hitsugaya vs shinji vs luppi vs yoruichi vs Chad I do not take ownership of these clips that i used our promoting them in any way. 🙂 No Copyright infringement]]>

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