[RSMV] In the End – Linkin Park


Original upload’s statistics before removal by copyright: Uploaded: July 19, 2008 Views: 533925 Ratings: 7424 (4.88 average) Comments: 5937 ——————- ..:: Warning ::.. ——————- [RSMV] In the End – Linkin Park was made using the game Runescape by Jagex Ltd. If you are not a fan of Runescape, and found this as a search result for the band Linkin Park or the song In the End, please simply go back and continue searching the results. It’s not my intention for this to be a common result. Thank you. Any copied and pasted comments with pictures or designs will be removed. —————————— ..:: Video Explanation ::.. —————————— This song has been the most requested RSMV for months, so I figured I’d give in once, and make it for my subscribers. Being that it wasn’t chosen based on my liking for it, I had a LOT of trouble finishing this vid… Not only did I work on it for two months before the graphics update, I also had to start over afterwards, and spend another 2 weeks on this one. There were a lot of problems with this one: It was a fast song, so I could spend 5 minutes on a clip that wouldn’t even last 1 second, it had a very unique story, which was hard to portray during most lyrics, and in general, most of the lyrics were hard to portray literally, or figuratively. What I did instead was just to try and make everything “fit”, such as the tone and feeling the lines gave. I’m sure I’ll be hearing a lot of “Over edited ]]>


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