Linkin Park – One Step Closer (Projekt Revolution 2003)


09.04.2003 – State College, USA, Projekt Revolution 2003 01. Don’t Stay 02. Somewhere I Belong 03. Lying From You 04. Papercut 05. Points Of Authority 06. By Myself 07. Faint 08. From The Inside 09. Hit The Floor 10. With You 11. P5hng Me A*wy (feat. Christian form Blindside) 12. Nobody’s Listening (feat. X-Zibit) 13. Runaway 14. Crawling 15. In The End ————————- 16. Eaiser To Run (Incomplete) 17. A Place For My Head 18. One Step Closer (feat. Christian for Blindside) Show Notes: Brad’s guitar cut out during the first part of ‘With You’. After ‘By Myself’, Mike talked about how the band was letting all military personnel stationed near a venue on the tour come to the show for free due to current situations (the Iraqi war, etc). This was the first performance of ‘P5hng Me A*wy’. Mike introduced it as “something special”. Christian, the lead singer of Blindside, sang the ending of the song and came out again on ‘One Step Closer’. ‘Nobody’s Listening’ was extended and Xzibit rapped a verse from ‘Say My Name’ over it. Ivan The Urban Action Figure came out on the extended ending.]]>


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