Indonesia hit by Merapi volcanic eruption and tsunami


A tsunami and a volcanic eruption in Indonesia have killed hundreds of people. More than 400 are missing and tens of thousands displaced following the double tragedy, authorities said. One of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes spewed out clouds of ash and jets of searing gas in an eruption that has killed at least 28 people and injured 14. Mount Merapi, on the outskirts of the city of Yogyakarta on Java island, first erupted on Tuesday, a day after a tsunami pounded remote islands in western Indonesia. The death toll from the tsunami is at least 282, according to one West Sumatra official. The wave, triggered by a 7.5 magnitude quake that struck west of South Pagai in the Mentawai islands, flattened several villages and a surf resort. At least 411 people are still missing, while the National Disaster Mitigation Agency said at least 4000 people have been displaced by the tsunami. TV stations showed footage of villages flattened by the wave, with dejected survivors combing through rubble for belongings. Authorities have been battling to handle both disasters, with more than 40000 villagers evacuated from the slopes of Mount Merapi, where many houses have been destroyed, their ruins lying covered in white ash.]]>

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