Indonesia: Mount Merapi continues to erupt


Yogyakarta, 7 November 2010: Mount Merapi continues to erupt violently, sending thousands of tons of ash into the atmosphere. In Megarang district near the volcano, houses, vehicles, and streets are covered by a thick layer of ash. The branches of palm tress are sagging under weight of the ash. Residents struggle with a thick haze and try to protect themselves with face masks. Rivers flowing down from the mountain are swollen with ash, mud and debris. Local authorities, various NGOs, the Indonesian Red Coss and volunteers are struggling to provide food, water and basic medical care to some 200000 displaced. In Magelang district, the Indonesian army has erected a large tent camp for an expected influx of 5000 people. An expert of the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO) has been in Yogyakarta in the past seven days, being making an assessment of the rapidly deteriorating situation. The European Commission last week decided to commit EURO 1,5 million for urgent humanitarian assistance to the survivors of the tsunami in west Sumatra and the volcanic eruptions on Mount Merapi. Photo Credit: Mathias Eick EU/ECHO]]>


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