Linkin Park- In The End- Soothing, Relaxing Music


PLEASE STOP FIGHTING OVER PEOPLE´S COMMENTS. ABOUT RELIGION, THOUGHTS, ETC…. EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO THEIR OWN OPINION OR BELIEF. THANK U. Thanks guys for all your comments. I’ve been really busy over the past two years that I haven’t had the time to make new videos. So sorry. Thanks again for the comments. Some people have asked me if its an instrumental version of Linkin Park’s “In The End”, yes it is, :). & no, I did not play this song. I dont know who played this song either….. LINKIN PARK DID NOT COPY THIS INSTRUMENTAL VERSION! Here are some comments that you guys have made: kasemi1988: we can hav heaven on earth 🙂 Juliacutieface: We are all one big family. think about it. Earth is so small. Outer space is so big. Our population is not that really big. We all have to protect each other. We can have peace in heaven. And we can have peace on earth. Life is what you made and chose it to be. It was not planned for you….. We have only one life to live…. EmoGirlCyclonis: I’ve commented before but I HAVE to comment again. When I listen to this song, I feel….sad in a way. And that way is a kinda good way… I can think of all those I love or have loved, and come to peace about everything. Oh, and when I don’t feel in my meditating moods, it’s great for h/w! Also lifts me out of that school-depression you get on Mondays…. thanks 4 uploading!! (Yeah, I probably didn’t make much sense there did I? Heck to it, I don’t care. I’m too relaxed XD ) JustBecauz : lol ]]>


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