“M” Naruto Shippuden Sha La La いきものがかり

Thanks for your request ^o^ JASRAC 160-2893-7 This is Naruto Opening 5 Sha La La, Hotaru no Hikari i just happened to got this guitar on last Wednesday night when i got deeply drunk with joy… as always… lol i browsed an old clothing store, Blonde on Blonde, in Shimokitazawa and found this lovely old guitar deeply covered with thick dust xD i played it and thought that it should be cleaned and owned by me^^ it was made in Japan in 1960’s as an export model. i do not know why it was found still in Japan, whether it had not been exported or once exported and returned all the way =) The top is red ceder with fine rosewood side & back. The tone is mild and warm, especially high notes with so many beautiful oct. tone including within it. Composed by Yoshiki Muzuno, Ikimono Gakari 水野良樹arranged and performed by lonlonjp guitar: El Torres G-250 handmade by Terada in 1960’s recorded by sanyo xacti HD-2000 copyright: @2009 TV Tokyo Music Inc, Sony Music Publishing Inc and cube Inc. ナルト疾風伝 オープニング5 「ホタルノヒカリ」 いきものがかり 水野良樹氏作曲lonlonjpによる編曲&演奏ですこのソロギター譜は次のサイトからダウンロードが可能ですwww.dojinongaku.com Forthose who would like to play this lonlonjp version on your gutiar: The difficulty level “M” Medium capo = 0, Standard Tuning: EADGBE Now! you can download this guitar tabs from the following website; http://www.dojinongaku.com Hope you enjoy this new song on your guitar as well 🙂 Honours for this video (19) #15 – Most

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