What’s Actually Included In Your All Inclusive Vacation?


The concept of an all-inclusive vacation package is very appealing. For the traveler, it means that most additional items that you would normally need spending money for will be included in your vacation package. While many people still like to have some extra spending money with them, they usually don't have to bring much. Having said this, all-inclusive packages vary from company to company and between the different resorts. Generally, there are a number of items that should be included in an all-inclusive package. When booking your vacation, check that these items are included as a minimum so you know that you are getting a good value on your vacation deal. Here's a basic run-down of things that are included in most fully inclusive packages.

Land Arrangements in Your Vacation Destination

Land arrangements generally refer to your hotel accommodation and transport to and from the airport on arrival and departure. The type of room that you stay in may vary depending on what package you choose and it is important to know what you are getting. Most all-inclusive packages offer a sea view or oceanfront room if staying at an island vacation destination. For the transfers on arrival and departure, you will generally be met by a local tour representative at the airport who will have your name on a board. They will help you load your bags into the van and then drive you to your hotel. Often, these drivers double as tour guides and can provide you with some interesting information on the destination you are visiting.

Meals and Drinks at Your Resort or Hotel

An all-inclusive package generally includes three meals a day served at restaurants at the resort or hotel that you are staying in. Most often the breakfasts and dinners are such elaborate buffets that it would take almost a week to try all the buffet options. So even though the buffet may remain similar, the variety is so vast that you need never have the same meal twice. Commonly, lunches are smaller menus that are served at the poolside or on the beachfront. The lunch menus are generally lighter meals such as sandwiches, salads, burgers, pizzas or kebabs. At some all-inclusive resorts, they also have a morning and afternoon tea where a wide variety of cakes and sweet treats are served with an assortment of international teas and coffees. One thing is for certain; on an all-inclusive package, you will never go hungry. Most all-inclusive resorts also include a beverage package. Some have options of a standard and premium beverage package. On a standard package, you can generally have unlimited sodas, mineral waters, juice, local beers and wines, and local spirits and cocktails. On a premium package, you get premium branded wines, beers and spirits as well as the standard range of drinks to choose from.

Sporting Activities and Facilities

Many all-inclusive resorts are located on tropical islands and offer an assortment of beach and water sport activities to guests. In general, most of these activities will be part of the all-inclusive package. Guests will have access to facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, bowling greens, beach volleyball courts, paddle boats, windsurfs and snorkeling facilities. Some resorts offer bicycles for guests to use to explore the area around the resort or ride around the grounds. Many all-inclusive resorts have an activity program where guests can join in with things such as water aerobics, yoga on the beach, sandcastle competitions, beach volleyball tournaments and other fun games. Often all-inclusive resorts have special kids' and toddlers' programs so children can have fun with their peers while on vacation. Only specialized activities such as scuba diving, golf or horse riding are generally additional paid-for items.

Entertainment and Fun Activities

All-inclusive resorts are known for their great vacation vibe. Aside from the daily activities that take place, the entertainment usually goes on well into the evenings. Generally, dinner is a celebratory affair where dancers and singers provide entertainment according to a specific theme. Often guests are invited to dress up in line with the theme to join in with the fun. During dinner, guests can enjoy the stage show provided and once the dishes have been cleared, the dance floor is generally open. At many of the resorts, there is a live band providing the music which adds to the festive atmosphere. With the bars that remain open late into the night, guests can really make the most of their vacation time.

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