What Casual Mountain Biking Pros Tote In Their Backpacks


Mountain biking is tremendously exciting. If you are in good cycling shape, possess a quality bicycle and possess a sense of backwoods adventure, you can do it. If you are planning on taking a mountain bike weekend outing, you ought to consider packing a a couple of supplies.

To start with, a strong comfortable backpack is needed. A pack with lots of heavy-duty compartments and pockets is best. Biking in the foothills involves lots of rapid speeds and steep hillsides, so you are going to want one that all your various gear will be safe in.

Water is obviously a essential item too. Mountain biking can certainly be physically demanding and take lots of energy, so it's genuinely crucial to remain sufficiently hydrated. Bring in quite a few water bottles or large canteens filled with clean water. And if there is a possibility you will have to fill your bottles from wild springs or streams in an unexpected emergency, bring along some purifier pills to be positive that the water you drink is safe.

Some nutritious and satisfying snacks will be essential too. Pick food items which will stimulate you during the grueling bike ride. Light things like dried fruits, energy bars, and smaller sized sandwiches will keep your power up without weighing you down. A small cooler that could fit in your pack could be of good use also.

Since off road biking is a demanding and hard activity, it is important to wear gear that can take beatings. Dependable shoes with durable and jolt absorbing soles will certainly be well worth the added expense. High quality shoes may often help reduce injuries and keep you secure throughout your trip.

Solid bumps and low branches can sometimes lead to bike break-downs and tumbles. Carry a spare bike tire and other valuable supplies so that you'll be in a position to properly contend with any problems. Flat tires, tangled chains, and brake problems are all complications that you may find yourself coping with. And make certain you have your bicycle checked out by a shop before you head away to the mountains.

Last but definitely not least, an emergency bag may come in really handy as well. Hopefully you will not need it, but injuries are always likely but are much more likely when undertaking something like off road biking. In your bag, bring a well stocked medical kit that will aid you in handling basic injuries like scrapes, ankle sprains, and other simple wounds. The emergency kit needs to contain band aids, antiseptic, and allergy medications along with other objects. If you plan on biking in an area known for its wild animals and scary insects, then give thought to bringing a snake bite kit and bug spray as well.

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