Tips For Planning Your Las Vegas Bachelor Party


Whether you're planning to get hitched in Las Vegas or just to have a final weekend of freedom with your friends before you tie the knot, Las Vegas vacations have everything there is to be had. You'll find it's easy to plan a great bachelor party with dusk-to-dawn activities for the groom and all his buddies. You may even decide to toss tradition aside and have a combination bachelor and bachelorette party or at least spend a part of the night in combined revelry with both sexes in attendance.

It's becoming more and more popular for the groomsmen to toss in money and take a weekend trip together too. If you're thinking this might be the right way to go for your soon-to-be-married buddy, then you and your pals will find Las Vegas the perfect destination for your weekend bash.

Setting Your Budget

Keep in mind that a Vegas trip can get expensive quickly if you don't plan everything in advance and stick to your agenda. The most affordable way to have a bachelor party in Las Vegas is to spend some time investigating your options for travel, accommodations and activities. Find the best deals you can and take everyone's individual budgets into account. If you're planning to pitch in and pay for the weekend adventure as a group, all the groomsmen should be included in planning activities so you ensure that the weekend doesn't bankrupt anyone involved.

Professionally Planned Bachelor Parties

If you want the weekend bachelor party to be something truly spectacular and are hoping to make it in to all the hottest places in town, you may need to hire a professional party planning service. You can take your chances and hope you'll be admitted to the hot spots but odds are that if you're not a typical high roller, you're not getting in. A professional party planner will be able gain admittance for you to some of the best and most prestigious places in town.

You can also purchase package deals from a party planner, including limo transportation, dinners, trips to strip clubs, discounted hotel accommodations and more. A professional party planner will cost you a bit of cash and you'll want to factor the cost into your budget early in your planning. Keep in mind that the party planner won't be able to take care of all your trip activities and the cost you pay for any package deal won't be your only expenditure.

Combining Plans

Weddings are expensive all by themselves so if you're planning a weekend bash in Las Vegas before your nuptials, then you might want to think of combining your plans. Get hitched in Vegas after a day or two of partying in glitz town. You can take your whole wedding party with you and make your wedding a destination event. If you're planning a destination wedding, you may have a bachelor and bachelorette party to plan in addition to a Vegas wedding ceremony.

Many couples find that a destination wedding lets them get a great jumpstart on their honeymoon. A honeymoon in Vegas is a great way to round out your trip and you can always take an anniversary vacation trip to another spot.

You can plan your activities yourself or employ a professional wedding and party planning service. Package deals available from planners may be the right way to go for some couples.

Activities for Him

If all your groomsmen are in town for a destination wedding, it makes it easy to have a day or two of bachelor party activities. On the first day in town, get out there and hit the slots or craps table together. Spend some time at a club or in a strip joint. Have a great dinner at one of the vintage Vegas steakhouses and round out the night with some drinking and revelry.

Activities for Her

If your bride and her ladies are in town too then the first day in the city can be a blast for them as well. Maybe start with a few hours of pampered care at one of the city's day spas. A nice lunch with the gals followed by some gambling or club hopping is in order. A dinner with for the bride and her best gal pals, and some drinking and partying at a strip club with some hot men on stage lets your bride have as big of a last night of freedom as you.

Co-Ed Activities

On your second day in town, you can all have breakfast or lunch together followed by an afternoon or evening wedding ceremony. Or maybe you plan to spend a couple of days in town partying it up before heading to the altar, in which case you may want to spend the second day exploring the city together as a group.

A dinner for the entire wedding party the night before the wedding is a great time for all and a fantastic way to say thank you to all your friends. If you have family joining you for the ceremony, the dinner the night before is a good way to bring them into the fold and celebrate as a group. is an online travel company determined and dedicated to becoming the leader in providing travelers with the most intuitive online booking experience full of relevant information, helpful guides and travel tips. Find great deals on All-Inclusive vacations at!


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