The Five Scary Bridges In The World


Bridges are supposed to be creating a link between two far off places to help people and animals commute easily. But some people in different parts of the world created the bridges though out of necessity but they turned to be the scary bridges. What makes the bridges worldwide scary? The bridge may be centuries old and in a dilapidated condition, or the material used is not appropriate for bearing the load. But whatever be the reason, the fact is that people continue to use them sometimes on daily basis by putting their lives at risk.

Pakistan, Malaysia, Nepal, India, Philippines boast of the scary bridges and continue to attract the tourists from worldwide. Going at these places with the sole purpose of just watching them is not harmful but if you think of taking a walk, it can prove fatal. And the people those who suffer from acrophobia (fear of heights) should not dare to think of walking on them. The one who like the thrill and rush can go ahead as they will surely have fun walking past the scary bridges. The bridges that are scary are sky high vehicular bridges, super high suspension bridges, hanging bridges and creepy rope bridges.

The most dangerous of all is the Hussaini- Borit Lake Bridge in Pakistan. What makes it one of the scary bridges is that it is too old, extremely narrow and moreover the wooden planks are missing. But the people still use it on a regular basis. It may be a thrill for some but it is surely dangerous. It has continued to be regularly visited by the tourists worldwide as the panoramic view is breathtaking.

Malaysia is the other country in the pipeline to boast of one of the scary bridges known as the Taman Negara National Park Bridge. Also known as the largest canopy walkway, it measures 500m and consists of long and winding pathway of rope bridges connected via trees. This bridge shakes as visitors go from post to post for clicking photos of the scenic natural beauty. One is amused as well as scared to know that this bridge is made of mere netting, ropes, planks and ladders. The Hanging bridge of Ghasa in Nepal will give a spine chill when you look at what height it is constructed. Made to eliminate congestion in towns, this bridge is very daunting and frightening to look at. Enough to seriously injure or kill any creature should they fall; one should not attempt to walk past this bridge.

The Musou Tsuribashi Bridge in Japan is known as "Japan's Scariest Suspension bridge" may be because it is very narrow and second may be that it is the oldest remaining suspension bridge. Extremely high and narrow bridge it is created with just wood, rope and swings. The one thing that makes it one of the scary bridges is that it is in the middle of nowhere so if you decide to take the path and get injured; you may not find any helping hand for hours or days.

The scary bridges are really scary. It might prove to be a thrilling journey for some but for the others it can be really dreadful.

There are many more scary bridges waiting to be explored by the outer world. If you want to gain more knowledge about them, just click on


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