Planning The Best Wedding Anniversary Party


When you have a special wedding anniversary coming up you might want to throw a party. Of course you must set out everything well before the time. To give you hints about making your wedding anniversary party a success, you can use the tips below.

Invitations: Don't leave the invitations until the last minute. Many people do this and end up with hardly anyone coming because their friends already made other plans. You should send out invitations to a large celebration like this about 2 or 3 months in advance.

Use Mementoes: When you are looking for ideas for invitations and for decorations you can use mementoes of your life together. These can be photos that you like, actual mementoes like shells, a CD, or a wedding memento. These can be displayed in the room for people to see and can also be used on the tables.

Anniversary Favors: To say thank you to all the guests for coming and celebrating with you, you can offer them anniversary favors as a token. This can be a personal gift from the two of you, or it can be something bought. You can make a craft item, fill a box with petals and a chocolate, or anything else you like.

Catering and the Bar: When it comes to food you will have to think about how many people are coming before you plan the catering. Most people want to eat when they come to a party. You can choose from a three course dinner, to buffet style and even a roast. The bar can be cash only which will save you money, but if you are having the party at home you can hire in staff to run a bar which you will have to stock.

Music and Dancing: No party is complete without a DJ and some music. You can hire a DJ and lights for a really party, or if you want something more refined, then you can get the venue to play some background music. Usually you will have a first dance again to your favorite song and there will be speeches, so it is best to hire a DJ with his sound equipment.

Speeches: At weddings and wedding anniversary parties you will find that people tend to get carried away with the speeches. While speeches are fun and allow you to say thanks to everyone, you must make sure that they are short and simple. For a good timing for speeches, keep them to 2 minutes.

Themes: There are many themes that you can use for your wedding anniversary party. You can go with the year you were married. This means you could have a 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's theme. You can choose colors for the theme, or you can also pick something that is special to you both. This can be a place like the sea or more specific as in a country you like to visit.

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