How To Find Samsung LN46C630 Best Price Reviews


The quest for the best device that offers a whole lot of entertainment is now over. To know more about it, checking on that Samsung LN46C630 Specification will be a great idea. Nowadays, the product is already gaining most consumers' trust in the market. The reasons behind that are the many advantageous features and functionalities that are preloaded in this unit.

This device contains several technical details that are not present in other devices of its kind. It's naturally designed to be complete and manageable by any user. It has a widescreen display of 46 inches, plus a high resolution of 1080p HD. Its LCD pixel response time is set at 4ms and a Wide Color Gamut-CCFL is being used for its backlight. The product is also preloaded with other features such as the Swivel Stand and Game Mode.

Basically, the device has a physical dimension of 53.9 x 7.1 x 32.3 inches; it weighs 58.4 pounds. Regardless of how fast the moves are on the screen, they can still be seen perfectly since it's using 120 Hz technology. It can also combine texture and color to enhance any room through its Exclusive Charcoal Grey Touch of Color design feature. Moreover, it features ConnectShare Movie which makes it easy for you to connect a thumb drive or digital camera to it.

In addition, this device is an Energy Star compliant. Thus, it helps lessen the consumption of energy. It even went further from its 4.0 minimum standards. The product also comes with a Wide Color Enhancer feature which is responsible for producing a crystal clear display of images. It also has BD feature that will automatically change all your components to achieve your most desired picture and sound quality.

The AllShare feature is also available in this model. Thus, connecting with your entire household is already made easy. PC audio and video files can even be transferred to the device through wired or wireless DLNA connection. In addition, it features 10 Watts x 2 audio power stereo broadcast reception. That feature entails support for multichannel sound and second audio program with 181-channel capacity. It even has the ability to reproduce pure stereo sound to achieve high-quality and natural effects.

Several devices can be connected into this device through its multiple ports. It has 4 HDMI connections for you to connect your own home theatre. Peripheral AV devices, such as DVD players, can also be added into it. Plus it provides availability of 2 USB ports and a PC input.

Why is there a rush to buy Samsung LN46C630 HDTV? That’s because it’s the obvious choice. We have gathered the facts about Samsung LN46C630 Specification to prove it.


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