Day To Day Uses Of Travertine Tiles


There are so many diverse options open to people looking for tiles for their homes or offices now, that it can be hard to decide which one to go for. Shapes, sizes, colours, effects and materials all differ, and there are literally hundreds of options available, whether you are looking for floor tiles, wall tiles or even work surfaces for your kitchen.

A lot of people favour stone tiles, and often begin looking for marble tiles which have proven very popular. But for a much lower price you can find many other possibilities which have a very similar look to marble tiles. One example of this are Travertine tiles, which cost much less than marble, but have a very similar look to them.

Travertine tiles are made from a form of limestone, which is very similar to marble in appearance. This is because travertine has a similar chemical composition and therefore similar impurities to marble, which gives it the same unique colour compositions and veined effect. The most highly regarded travertine comes from Italy, but there are also large quarries in Turkey, Brazil and Mexico, and the origin of your tiles can have an effect on the retail price.

Seen in some of the world's most beautiful buildings, travertine has many uses other than the traditional flooring and wall covering options, including bath tubs, shower cubicles, stair cases and decorative pillars. Besides the obvious decorative benefits, travertine can be used to add structural strength to buildings with pillars, which are also very hardwearing and can last for years.

Due to the nature of the natural stone, colours and stone effects will vary from installation to installation, so each customer will get something unique to their home or building. It has also been found that having natural stone flooring in place can increase the resale value of your home when you decide to sell.

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