Boys Halloween Costumes: The Top 5 Costume Themes


This year you will find an array of boys Halloween costumes to choose from. Even if your little boy is not sure what he wants to be, he will after he sees the endless choices available to wear. For a quick way to sift through the options this year, we have compiled a list of the top five costume themes for boys this Halloween.

1) Superheroes: Year after year, boys never get tired of dressing as their favorite superhero characters. These larger than life characters have powers that we could only dream of! Some of the most popular superhero characters at the moment include Iron Man, Superman, Spiderman and Batman. Or you could even choose an evil nemesis, such as the Joker from the Dark Knight!

2) Spooky Characters: Boys Halloween costumes can still include some of the more traditional Halloween choices. Halloween is, after all, about spooky characters. Some of the top costume themes still include wizards, zombies, ghosts, vampires and just about anything else that you might find scary!

3) Movie Characters: Movies are always a popular inspiration for boys Halloween costumes. Some of the most popular characters for this year will be Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jake Sully, and even characters from Shrek. Let your son choose his favorite movie character and dress up as them for this Halloween!

4) Pirates and Cowboys: Pirates and cowboys are still one of the most popular boys Halloween costume ideas. With characters such as Jack Sparrow or Sheriff Woody, your son can be his favorite pirate or cowboy this year. Though there are plenty of favorite movie pirates and cowboys, there will also be plenty of standard costumes if your boy does not want to be any famous characters.

5) Harry Potter: With the growing trend of Harry Potter books and movies, it is no surprise that Harry Potter boys Halloween costumes would be very popular this year. Your son may even find himself invited to a Harry Potter themed Halloween party this year! Characters you can find ready-made are ones such as Harry Potter, Ron, or even Voldemort, but the possibilities never end. Give your son a robe and cape and allow him to just be a Quidditch player!

This year you will be hard pressed to find a shortage in boys Halloween costumes. If you are finding that you are short on time, you can easily purchase any of these top five theme costume ideas ready-made in stores. A lot of these costume ideas can easily be created at home as well. Let your little boy express himself this year by choosing his own Halloween costume!

The Prince Caspian Costume is another fantastic take on a classic costume for boys. If you need even more inspiration when it comes to boys costumes this Halloween, head on over to Kids Prince Costume for all sorts of takes on a classic theme.



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